now for new york city and after

I'll soon have pictures back from my glorious weekend... and I'm so EXCITED! I did have a pretty hard transition on Monday back to real life. I wasn't quite ready for all the projects, reading assignments and presentations. But, back to the bliss of break memories:

So, I made it to New York and pulled into Penn Station - not the most desirable of sights in the city. My friend alli couldn't pick me up just then, so, on the advice of my sister I went out to look around. I was lugging my 50 lb. bag around, so that was a little cumbersome, but it was great to be out and around all the people. I wandered through some stores, pretended interest in some sale items, and talked to my mom about my safe arrival:).

That night I went out to eat at Columbus Grill with Allison, after getting the tour of her apartment. I LOVED it. She is such an amazing and independent person! I chose the chicken satay with peanut sauce and we had wonderful conversation... She is a great guide around the city and the next day we had so much time to talk because she's a full-time dog-walker. I assure anyone it is not as glamorous as some movies make it out to be. She hasn't yet had one of her dogs get tangled with another whose walker is dashingly handsome and charming....but it was wonderful all the same.

While she was getting one of the dogs in an exclusive apt. building by Central Park, I hung out outside and started talking to a very nice man who was definitely from a different country, but I couldn't place his accent - from Africa maybe? Anyway, his name was Sekou and he wanted to go dancing on Saturday night. he was totally legit..actually he started by asking me for directions but then it turned into what kind of music i listened to. anyway, i got his number...i know sounds sketch. but no harm as long as he doesn't have mine.

anyway, i got to see ALlison's school in SoHo and wander around on my own until MY SISTER CAME DOWN from Port Chester. We had quite an adventure of running, oh probably 100 blocks to get to the famed babycakes vegan bakery for two delicious cupcakes... which we ate in the hot dog joint next door, because babycakes was just closing when we got there.

so... then i picked up my mom on friday and we had a glorious weekend of giggles, wonderful food, lots of walking, great views, amazing conversation, and well what else can I say but everything that we did? ...except I have to get to my next class.

so I will leave the rest for another time...again. I will hopefully post some pictures soon.