well, i met with a group on Thursday that will be planning the next Veritas Forum in January of '07 here at Hope. The theme is idolatry. They used G.K.Chesterton's comparison of idolatry being like losing your address. If you can imagine walking to a destination from your home and then on the way back making small changes, compromises to the plan, so that where you end up is so far from you address that you have no idea how to get home.

We talked about the idols of nationalism, pluralism, the american dream, self-image, our own construction of god. We are a people living in a state of sin. Our sinful state is pervasive in our biology, psychology, governemnts, politics, society, media, and churches - everything.

Talking about idols made me realize how much our story is similar to the children of Israel. Of course, we are not under the same covenant, but the pattern is the same. God's love always, his warnings, his commands, and then failure on Israel's part, then God's disappointment and then mercy.

I know this is not true for every account, but reading through any of the OT books will make you say, come ON! Don't you get it! Do what God says and you'll be fine! Interesting how it's so easy to see when we are not the ones who stray.
I have just thinking about idols and idols in my life lately. Powerful stuff. I love going back to some Derek Webb lyrics, "Oh, Lord, I'm crooked deep down. Everyone is crooked deep down."

hmmm...well, for some lighthearted news. it is an absolutely beautiful day here in MI! Sun, blue skies, and the faint smell of Spring in the air. I'm trying to figure out where my life will take me this summer and I've been looking for jobs around here, which should be interesting. One of my friends is going to hook me up with possibly a job at Captain Sundae's - the local ice cream shoppe where Pres. Bush stopped on his way through town.

Well, I should get to some weekend homework. I have my eyes set on next Friday, the first day of SPRING BREAK!