still an iowa girl at heart

so... living in Michigan after a 18 year stunt in Iowa has caused me to straddle many cultural fences. I often defend my small town heritage in MI, but downplay them when I'm 'back home.' Well, anyway, I realized the other day how much my roots still show through. It was in something as simple as an oil change.

so... I had to get an oil change awhile back and I drew from my past experience in Holland when I accompanied my brother to the local Quick Lube. It was this fascinating place where you just pull into the garage, park, give some information on a clipboard, and wait a few minutes in your car while a mechanic changes the oil underneath the engine. Then, the garage door opens and you pull out - all in about 15 minutes. I had never seen this before! So, I traveled out of my way about 15 minutes to go to this specific oil place to get my oil changed. Seems logical, right?

Well, back home changing the oil meant dropping it off at one of the local car repair shops, of which we knew all the mechanics' names, and picking it up the next day. This revolutionary oil in and out went against all I knew. The new experience was fun, but I realized my ignorance recently when I was explaining it to a friend, "Yeah, and then I just went in and they did it right there! I didn't have to wait or anything." To which she responded, "You mean you've been to a place where they don't do that?" To which I replied, "Uhh, yeah."

Yep- I'm from small town Iowa. :) i still think things like knowing all the mechanics names is to one's advantage - relationships are crucial, especially with janitors, secreataries, and mechanics. I guess this whole Michigan thing is a long adjustment - I probably still won't get the hang of the overwhelming Dutch traditions and odd left-turns before I graduate, but one can only learn so much.