an evening ice skating

Saturday night was so wonderful! The day was work, nap, and a little study. Then we celebrated our friend Tricia's b-day with cake and ice skating in Grand Rapids. We piled in Mocha (my affectionate name for the Oldsmobile with over 250,000 miles) all dressed in cute winterwear, mittens and extra socks in hand. Rosa Parks ice skating is in downtown GR and so great at night! Of course, the Olympics had just finished and we were all thinking the same thing: figure skating. I donned the white skates and headed out onto the ice... the only thing that held me back from a perfect show was the subpar skates, the crowds of people at varying levels of talent, the rink being only as big as a roundabout, and maybe mostly my lack of talent. Oh, but it made for a splendid night! I did accomplish some spins, skating backwards, and lifting my leg. I thought that was deserving of a little recognition.

It was a fun night! We came back and had balloon wars, watched a movie, and I sang musical songs from the top of our table to anyone who would listen. After the initial, "Caroline, are you sure you shouldn't be a performance major?" they kind of just started to get annoyed and i realized that i can't hold all my singing desires in for one burst because it's too much for people to handle.

yesterday I got to talk to my sister in ny. she's is doing splendidly. She said next sunday she will sing My Redeemer at her church and I almost cried. I love her so! And the first time she sang that song at my church I accompanied her. I miss that! But, I will soon see her, my friend ali in NY and my mom is meeting us out there. CAN NOT WAIT.

here are some pictures of ice skating