Wow, I just realized my last post took an interesting turn to prayer. i actually was trying to write about the letter I sent. Oh well!

So, yesterday after a couple classes I went to a leadership summit and then to look at houses for next year. We walked through a house and I think we're going to sign for it. It's crazy, because we won't be living in it until next spring, but we've got to make the decision now... I'm pretty sure one of the houses we looked at (currently rented to some frat boys) had some suspicious activity going on when we showed up, as evidenced in the smell and various trash littered around. But the lady assured us she was going to fix the floor, heat register, clean the basement, and she'd even throw in a couple rugs for the wood floors. Don't worry parents - we got a copy of the lease and are going to carefully inspect it before we make any decisions.

Anyway - then we helped my friend Katy get ready for our college's winter dance. My two other friends and I attacked her and she was done in 15 minutes - a record makeover I think. After that, Nicole, Styna, Tricia and I went to one of our favorite Thai places in town - Thai Palace. MMhmm. I love that it's tucked away on the north side of River - definitely a local spot we learned about from Nicole's dad. I had chicken with the famous peanut curry sauce.

Then, after watching a little history channel about how Caesar and the Romans built a bridge the size of four football fields over the Rhine River, some of us girls decided to have a middle school 'sleepover.' We went to Meijer (for all you non-Michiganians, Meijer is an upscale equivalent to Wal-mart) to look for matching sleepwear, but we ended up at Walmart where we found 2-piece pajamas for $3.00!! They were Christmas leftovers, but we ate it up! Then we went back home with the movie "Can't Buy Me Love," starring Patrick Dempsey. Patrick's character is a sad member of the geek squad who wants desperately to be able to sit on the cool side of the cafeteria. Well, he ends up 'buying' his popularity, and you can imagine what happens next! It was such a great time - and we stayed up late, crossed our legs and sat in a circle talking... just like the old times. A memory for the books - for sure!

Today is homework city - well, maybe a nap first (I'm actually at work right now). My list of 'things to do' is growing by the minute, but my housemate's birthday is tonight, so I've got to gear up for the next celebration!