wedding dress

wedding dress.

that's the title of a song by derek webb. interesting take on who we are in Christ and what that means. sure, people talk about being the bride. but, i admit i've never thought of my sin and idolatry the way derek webb puts it. here's a bit of the song:
cause i am a whore i do confess/ But I put you on just like a wedding dress/ And I run down the aisle, I run down the aisle/ I'm a prodigal with no way home/ but I put you on just like a ring of gold/ And I run down the aisle...With one hand in a pot of gold/ And with the other in your side/ Cause I am so easily satisfied/ By the call of lovers so less wild/ That I would take a little cash/ Over your very flesh and blood...Because money cannot buy/ A husband's jealous eye/ When you have knowingly deceived his wife

wow. i know - where before have you heard the word whore used in a "christian" song? that's another topic, I suppose. It's interesting - this analogy - because it makes me think of the children of Israel in the Old Testament. They were warned. The warnings might as well have been written in the sky in Deuteronomy. Yet, they put on the wedding dress as they entered the promised land. They breathed in overwhelming blessings, but soon forgot. God specifically said DO NOT FORGET THE LORD (Deuteronomy 4:23, 4:31, 6:12).
Oh, but they did. They prostituted themselves for so much less than what God offered and Jesus was to pay (he did not forget us --Isaiah 49:15-17).

I would be foolish to not say that this is my story as well. I see the blessings and embrace the promises God speaks in His word. Yet, I run down the aisle with one hand in that pot of gold and the other in his side.

the disconnect does more than cause confusion - there is truly a battle. yet - as i write this it seems ironic that such a weighty matter can be 'food for thought,' discussed over coffee or the dinner table. an intellectual morsel reflected upon and then cast aside when something shinier or sweeter comes along.

ick. this has got to be main dish material.