don't stop too soon

It is a brave soul that uncovers raw painto search for meaning in existence, that wearies and wars the shallows to dig the depths of sorrow’s persistence

Don’t stop too soon.

It is a brave soul that sheds skins and peels off veneers to find what truth is, that pulls hard against peril when layers reveal atrocities and ugly ruins

Don’t stop too soon.

It is a brave soul that opens eyes against the blinding light of the sun, that burns its heat and with fierce impression reminds from where it comes

Don’t stop too soon.

It is a braver soul who believes that Christ paid the ultimate cost, tortured Himself so the tortured soul would no longer be living lost

Don’t stop being brave too soon, and whatever your bravery may find, know that Christ Himself is brave for you and His victory is thine.

This is day 4 of my "every day in may" creative challenge - to write something (poem, story, note, thought) as a special blessing for someone. I won't share each day, but I wanted to share this poem from day 3.

There are several people in my life going through difficult times right now, so I've been thinking about bravery. If we are brave enough to be exposed and vulnerable (great thoughts from recent TED talk on this), then we will most definitely step into a mess of pain. But if our bravery ends there, we will miss out. We must be brave enough to see the deepest and most vulnerable hurt to experience the deepest and most satisfying joy.