Heart of my own heartWhatever befall, Still be my vision O Ruler of all


God is so good because He already knows whatever will befall. He knows that when we say "still be my vision" we are asking for His grace to make it so. He knows all the ways we will avert our eyes and look to others. He knows we will be ruled by other rulers in weak moments.

He knows, but still He keeps. He guards us and He keeps us and He leads us. And in His keeping, He is our peace.

We can sing "still be my vision" because His grace is what empowers us to see at all. 

We lift up proclamations only possible by His grace.The Spanish word for still is todavía or aún and both to me roll more steady into the future than stillThey seem to be words that point to another word coming after, hanging on for meaning.

"Still be my vision" is my promise that hangs on my belief that God will keep me and guard me and lead me. And He does.


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