every day in May

Happy May Day!

Back in 2010, my sister accepted a challenge to do something she loved every single day for the month of May. The idea is not all that unique (type "every day in may" in Google and you'll see what I mean), but she made it her own. She painted every single day for a month. Don't worry - her house still had wall space at the end because she gave much of it away. She issued the same challenge to me and I accepted - in the form of writing. I wanted to stretch my creative muscles and try writing in ways I hadn't tried before. That was in 2010. 

One of my writing prompts during that month also came from my sister, who asked me to write a creative interpretation of the boy with the fish and loaves that fed the five thousand. I loved the prompt and the process of writing, "the story of a boy and a satchel," which was used during the Sunday morning youth services at my sister's church.

This year, for the month of May, I'd like to challenge you to choose something to do every single day. Something you love, something you do well, and something that you wish you did more. Can I add another something too? It must be something that will add to someone else's life as well. When I first accepted the challenge, I was writing for myself. I love everything about writing, but when I wrote for my sister's church it was bigger than my little love for my little craft.

I know, it's a big commitment. But big commitments take bold action and can produce serious amounts of joy. I'm in. Are you? If you are taking the challenge, put this image on your blog or facebook so others can follow the journey.

let LOVE fly like cRaZy every day in May!