breathing in, living out

Do you smell that?Mmmm, yes.

That's the smell of Monday waking up and I'm greeting him with a smile.

Because, today I'm breathing in Truth and living Truth out. Yesterday, in mid-ramble, I had a thought: what if the opposite of breathing in wasn't breathing out? What I really mean is: what if the Word is the input and living is the output. It's a different way to say that loving and knowing the Word translates into living the Word.

When you breathe in - one of those deep, belly-filling breaths - breathing out is what most naturally follows. The act of breathing in always precedes the act of breathing out - the alternate is not pretty. What if the act of breathing in the Word always preceded the act of living out the Word?

I think this is what the book of James makes so clear - faith without works is dead. There is no way to breathe in the Word without living out its Truth. Breathing in cannot be separated from breathing out - it's all breathing.

And this Monday morning the breathing in, living out sounds something like this.

[bandcamp track=3567705974 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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