free now

Only Christ. I've been thinking a lot lately about what power we have to relieve the suffering in this world and I've come up with this: none.

I know - it's deflating.

I won't ever tell you that you can change the world or that you will change the course of history, but I can tell you about someone who can; who has. 

We will never be perfect in our plans to bring peace. Our methods will never be airtight and our tactics will always have flaws. We will always, in this life, be human.

Our efforts are so often misguided because we believe the result rests on us. Never does God say, "If you disobey, my plan fails."

The glory of the Gospel overwhelms our efforts to fix things - to redeem the world with our own two hands. Justice doesn't make sense without the cross. There is no relief from suffering without Christ and no endurance through suffering without Christ.

In Christ, we are heirs to a throne and not a grave. He broke us free from the chains of darkness and bound us firmly to His love. This song by Kurt Scobie made me run through the mud tonight, willing myself to fix my eyes on my eternal inheritance. I actually don't know if this is what Scobie intended, but this is what my heart heard.

As long as I am remembering Christ's completed work on the cross, I am free to live with reckless abandon. There is nothing to lose and the greatest story to share. When Christ paid my ransom, set me free, and woke me up like the sunrise wakes the morning - what else would I ever do but live that others may know?

let LOVE fly like cRaZy


Download the song for free here:

Wake up We’re getting out of this place I’m breaking you out of these chains You’re no slave You’re an heir to a throne not a grave

Stand up Wipe off the dirt from your crown I’ll carry you I’ll take you out Don’t be afraid I know the way out I know the way

Free now I am breaking you out Don’t look down Come, leave this hell

Eyes wide This is where you come alive This is where it all turns around There’s no shame Whatever the ransom It has been paid

Free now I am breaking you out Don’t look down Come, leave this hell

Free now Come awake and be found Run unbound Come, leave this hell