Love You Swore

Happy Sunday, folks! I just wanted to post something that might hit you right in the Sabbath sweet spot. John Mark McMillan just put out a new album on November 1 and this song is on it. I think it speaks to that fearful place in us - when we can see our depravity (our hearts' shallow grave) and our immense need for the Love of our Savior. We can be almost fearful of our great need - and what that means about God's mighty power to overcome it. What a mighty, mighty Love God possesses to have conquered death in the cross of Jesus Christ. What a mighty, mighty Love that allows us to love Him back.

Be encouraged, this morning to let the LOVE OF CHRIST fly like cRaZy - hold on to it in the eye of storm!


Chase me down like a lion Like a bird of prey Lift me up from the ashes Of my hearts own shallow grave

Cause I know that I love you But sometimes I’m afraid

Whoa oh…

Spare my body from the wolves, God That crouch down at my door Lift me up above the waters And the sharks that guard your shore Cause I know that I need you But sometimes I know it more

Whoa oh…

Harbor me in the eye of the storm I’m holding on to love you swore