A Valentine's Day Limmerick

In typical Nichols (CHEESY) fashion, my mom read this poem to me because she knew I would be absent from the celebration of love. Please enjoy it and read it several times over. This might give a little insight into where all my cheesy ideas come from! :) Here's the last Valentine's day picture of my family I can find (circa 2006?)  


A VALENTINE'S DAY LIMERICK by Cindy Nichols There once was a family strong Who usually all got along They just kept on growing All the while knowing God blessed them with love and with song!

We welcome two new Nichols girls They both have beautiful 'curls' Though Natalie's are short And better for sport Grace's are long and unfurled!

The boys are men now, it's so Their height has stopped to grow One is a dad One is a "Nav" And one's getting married, you know!

The girls all love to laugh To sing, to love, to craft They talk to each other And sometimes their mother Who gives cheesy advice on their behalf.

We daily count our blessing For our family of loving siblings God is making you strong To Him you belong There is no greater joy you are bringing!


Isn't my mom great?

She knows how to let LOVE fly like cRaZy!