Friday Recommendations...

Things you should check out: I saw this video over at Challies blog the other day and it just so well depicts my generation I couldn't pass it up. [youtube=]

I also wanted to repost the link I mentioned last night at the end of my blog. Basically, when asked if women have a place in leadership in the church, a woman (chair of inter-church leadership board) said, "...I did not ask to be on this committee, and I wish that the men in the world would not abdicate their responsibility so much. I came onto this committee because men were not doing it. And I did not ask to chair this committee. I chair this committee because men are not doing it, and someone has to." Read the full article here.

Here's a sweet post on the fifty fruits of pride that I should probably read a hundred times.

And... last but not least - the book that is a great source of encouragement to me right now (for which I have my Dad's amazing thrift store sleuthing to thank) by Joni Eareckson Tada, "The God I Love." What an amazing testimony to God's presence in her life! I am enjoying every honest page!

tonight find a way to let LOVE fly like CRAZY