Street in Tegucigalpa city centre, Honduras

Wow. What a weekend!

I continue to surprise myself at my own tendency for disorganization. I left my keys at work after conferences and my computer on the school bus on the way home. I've overlapped about 10 plans this weekend and have succeeded at about two. I am using a friend's computer to assure you (in case you are staying up late at night wondering) that I'm still keeping it real here in Tegucigalpa... and the October newsletter is almost ready to post!

I do want to report that "God's heifer," (read here, bottom paragraph) as my mom has been calling it, resulted in a hefty check that I get to spread around the ministries here like a heaping spoonful of creamy peanut butter. It is truly a gift to watch God's provision shared amongst those who depend on Him!

Today, I'm doing some reading and baking for the Micah Project folks. Hope to go for a run to clear all the dysfunctional cobwebs hanging out in my brain!

let LOVE fly like cRAzY